Give the Dems a gift of a monthly donation

We’ve done a lot this year, Jackson County!

Thank you to all who have contributed their time, talent, efforts, networks and donations. Your commitment has enabled the progress we’ve made:

  • Streamlining our committee structure
  • Balancing our PAC and administrative budgets
  • Professionalizing our social media and email communication
  • Running efficient meetings

With a new election cycle now upon us, we must continue this momentum. To do that, we’re asking everyone to step up their commitment.

>>> Set up a recurring monthly contribution

A regular donation to our administrative fund, of whatever amount you can afford, will help the JCDC sustain its basic needs so more of our resources can support candidates and important issues.

Thanks in advance for all you do … and will do!

Location PO Box 2000, Jackson, MI 49204-2000 Phone (517) 783-6247 E-mail Hours Paid for with regulated funds by the Jackson County Democratic Committee
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