About the JCDC

The Jackson County Democratic Committee’s mission is to promote the
philosophy and platform of the Democratic Party, and to elect Democrats who support this philosophy within Jackson County. Furthermore, the JCDC works to aid the activities of all precinct delegates, committees, officeholders, candidates and others working to promote participation in the Democratic Party.

All public meetings of the Jackson County Democratic Committee at all
levels shall be open to all members of the Democratic Party. The JCDC shall
support the broadest possible participation without discrimination.

>>> JCDC leadership
>>> Member resources

Monthly meetings

General membership meetings the third Monday of every month via Zoom.

Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.

The JCDC executive committee, formally known as the County Committee, meets as needed at the call of the county chair.

Write us at:
Jackson County Democratic Committee
PO Box 2000
Jackson, MI 49204-2000

Call us at:
(517) 783-6247 

Location PO Box 2000, Jackson, MI 49204-2000 Phone (517) 783-6247 E-mail chair@jacksoncountydems.org Hours Paid for with regulated funds by the Jackson County Democratic Committee
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