JCDC Leadership

Executive Board for 2019-20

Connor Wood — chair@jacksoncountydems.org
Vice chair
Terri McKinnon — vice@jacksoncountydems.org
Kelsey Heck — secretary@jacksoncountydems.org
James Johnson Jr. — treasurer@jacksoncountydems.org

County Committee for 2019-20

The County Committee, also known as the Executive Committee, is elected every two years at the Fall County Convention, which follows the November election in each even-numbered year.

At-large members

(Listed in alphabetical order)
Karyl Baker, Del Belcher, Brian Brannick, Stephen Casselman, Derek Dobies, Bryon Ennis, Amy Everhart Perry, James Grant, Sarrah Halstead, Kelsey Heck, Carrie Heider Grant, Jamie Iseler, James Johnson Jr., Julia Josling, Michael Ries, Sarah Saucedo, Susan Smalley, Colleen Sullivan, Mia Williams

Ex officio members

  • (Listed in alphabetical order)
  • Valerie Cochran-Toops (2018 State Senate District 16 nominee)
  • Kevin Commet (2016 Jackson County Treasurer nominee)
  • Gretchen Driskell (2018 US House District 7 nominee)
  • Daniel Mahoney (2018 County Commission District 7 nominee)
  • Ruben Marquez (2018 County Commission District 6 nominee)
  • Roger Maufort (2018 County Commission District 2 nominee)
  • Terri McKinnon (2018 State House District 65 nominee)
  • Robin Puckett (2018 County Commission District 3 nominee)
  • Daveda Quinn (2018 County Commission District 9 nominee)
  • William Rappleye (2016 Jackson County Prosecutor nominee)
  • Sheila Troxel (2018 State House District 64 nominee)
  • Darius Williams (2018 County Commission District 8 nominee)
Location PO Box 2000, Jackson, MI 49204-2000 Phone (517) 783-6247 E-mail chair@jacksoncountydems.org Hours Paid for with regulated funds by the Jackson County Democratic Committee, 2301 E. Michigan Ave., Suite 101, Jackson, MI, 49202
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