Become a Precinct Delegate

Precinct delegates represent the most local level of party organization. In Jackson County, Democratic precinct delegates are elected during the August primary of each even-numbered year. The number of available delegate positions varies with each election, but in most cases there are more available positions than candidates to fill them.

>>> Who are the current Democratic precinct delegates in Jackson County?

A precinct delegate has few formal duties. Essentially, the job is what you make it in the effort to promote Democratic values and candidates within a voting precinct.

Precinct delegates can help register voters, identify other Democrats, recruit new party members, help to turn out voters on Election Day, and serve as a liaison to keep party leaders informed about issues of concern to voters in each delegate’s neighborhood.

Running for precinct delegate requires little more than filing an Affidavit of Candidacy with the county clerk by the filing deadline, usually in late spring of each even-numbered year.

>>> Interested in running for precinct delegate? Contact a party officer.
>>> Not sure what precinct you’re in? Find out here.

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